"The Good Witch`s Destiny" Premiere Date: October 26th 2013

The sixth part of the Good Witch series will premiere on October 26th 2013 on Hallmark Channel:

"Life is good for Good Witch Cassie Nightingale and as her birthday’s approaching, all she wants is a family
party surrounded by everyone she loves including newlywed’s Grandpa George and his new wife Gwen.
But life starts getting complicated when Gwen’s estranged son arrives in town and begins to make
trouble for Cassie. And to make matters worse, Cassie’s stepson Brandon, has decided to put his career
on hold and follow his girlfriend to college. Meanwhile, stepdaughter Lori, discovers disturbing parallels
between Cassie and the original Grey Lady who disappeared at her own birthday party years before. Will
Cassie be able to sort everything out in her own magical way or will history repeat itself and cost Cassie
everything she has built? Stars: Catherine Bell and Chris Potter. Premieres: October 26 @ 9p.m. ET/PT,


The Good Witch's Destiny
I love all of the movies and I can't wait for this one. Hope the movies continue for a long time.
Re: The Good Witch's Destiny
There is going to be a 7th movie it was just announced !
our family loves watching these movies. we have seen all 5 more than once because they are so good. good stories, great actors.
good witch
hope the series run past 10,love these family oriented movies,and the cast couldn't fit more perfect.
the good witch movies
I was hoping to see something like the good witches daughter. I really want to see if Grace will have her mothers powers! But, I'll certainly take this one for sure! I love Catherine Bell and Chris Potter and the rest of the cast. I would hate to see this end so soon when there is so much more to tell about this family and Cassie's origins. I hope the man who plays grandpa George will be in it. I really love him. He reminds me so much of my own grandfather who was Scottish. My youngest grandson who is about to turn 6 loves these movies. His favorite is the first one. Every time he comes over he wants to see it. We lay in bed and watch it together until he falls asleep. I really hope there will be more than just one more.
Love the Good Witch Series
I really hope this 6th installment isn't the last as I've been reading - it has been such a wonderfully magical journey to be a part of the Good Witch's world for all these years.
My friends & I fell in love with the series! We really admire Cassie's sitting room...AWESOME!! We hope you can continue Cassie & her family's story for years to come! We'll be waiting & watching!!
the good with's destiny
Hi, we are lucky here in France...the last good witch movie was aired on monday 1rst, July 2013 ! Love to watch it...
Meg Barlow
Ur all so lucky to be able o watch the good witch ,we can't get it in the uk