Heartland Season 7 Production Week #17

"High Hat, Zeus and Lucked Out are all at Heartland today. Battle of the Bands? No, these are all the names of character horses. :)"

"I was excited seeing the word 'groom' on the call sheet, but it's a horse groom, not the kind some of us are looking forward to."

"Another day of filming at the ranch done. Tomorrow will be here as well, and it should be fun stuff. Until then..."

"Crew is outnumbered today by the #sheep. Boy, if these mutton-heads ever got organized...(!) #iloveheartland #behindthescenes"

"A scene calls for "4 cute lambs and an angry mother." I'm pretty sure that should be the mother of the lambs, no? #iloveheartland"

"What is a better name for a sheep - #Beyonce or Clover? I think Clover. Who ever heard of a four-leaf Beyonce? :) #iloveheartland"

"There are 2 scenes from 712 followed by 4 scenes from 711 today; only 6 scenes, but totalling nearly 9 and a half minutes. That's a lot!"

"Our last day on the ranch set, and we are shooting pretty well only inside the barn; 10 1/2 pages (= minutes) to knock off today!"

"It's episode guest star David Richmond-Peck's first day working on set today, thus adding Heartland to his impressive series résumé."

"Yesterday was the first day the mountains had snow on them, and it was a lot! They looked beautiful again today to the west."